Wood fibers are mainly from wood cuttings and sawdust.

Resin is made from recyclable PP, additive and highdurability pigment, all from Japan.


BuildWOOD™ JAPAN is a new environmental man-made material which is made from 55% wood, 40% Japanese resin, and 5% other Japanese additives. Because wood is one of the raw materials, the boards can be worked and sanded just like natural wood and feel soft.

BuildWOOD™ JAPAN comes from Japan, using Japanese raw material, Japanese production technology, Japanese management philosophy, Japanese quality and service awareness.


40% PP + 55% Wood

Fine powder can ensure the strength and homogeneous proportion, but also presents the texture and fragrance of natural wood.



WPC Wall Panel Instruction: BDJ001


BuildWOOD Japan
Materials list (for wpc decking)

Materials decking wood plastic composite
base parts Aluminum, stainless iron, wpc




Decking Application Instructions:BDJ-027/028