quickhouse 1 Quick House is a prefabricated kit house designed by Deco Plus from HDPE Recycled Bamboo Plastic Composite. It offers double bedrooms and washroom in various range of 40 sq.feet to 400 sq.feet for client’s requirement. A stylist shelter assembles within one day at your site, you will have a fully enclosed and comfortable house. From start to finish, it should take no longer than few days to complete your house accordingly.

 quickhouse 1

Advantages of Quick HOUSE

•  Quick build
•  Quick save (Money & Time)
•  Quick satisfaction

Against weathering

•  Withstands raining and wind
•  Weathering resistance
•  Low thermal transmission
•  Free from natural wood defects eg. insects, cracking deviation, rots and termites etc.


 quickhouse 1

About Installation

Quick House manufactures and delivers rural glued to log houses. Our delivery time is fast and the quality of Quick House is according to contemporary log norms. Contemporary Quick House is designed for leisure pursuits as a fundamental vision by Deco Plus!

Quick House seeks to monitor the innovative technologies that are increasingly being used in composites wooden house building area. We are pleased to offer you additional shelter, wooden decking, energy saving windows and doors, passive windows, as well as many other energy saving construction materials and equipments.



Model : QH005
Floor Area : 6,600 x 3,500mm (Interior / 21m2)
(Exteror / 23.1m2)
Height : 2578mm
Weight : 2200Kgs / Set
Packing Size : 3700 x 1070 x 1130mm
Wall Panel Profile : 160.5mm(w) x 38mm Thk.



Model : QH006
Floor Area : 3,000x2,076mm (Interior / 6.23m2)
(Exteror / 8.8m2)
Height : 1877 / 2400mm
Weight : 1100Kgs / Set
Packing Size : 2900 x 1070 x 810mm
Wall Panel Profile : 263 mm(w) x 20mm Thk.



Model : QH009
Floor Area : 2,195x1,645mm (Interior / 3.61m2)
(Exteror / 6.4m2)
Height : 2138 / 2588mm
Weight : 900Kgs / Set
Packing Size : 2320 x 1070 x 830mm
Wall Panel Profile : 146.2(w) x 19.2mm Thk.



Model : QH011
Floor Area : 3,488x2,150mm (Interior / 7.49m2)
(Exteror / 11.3m2)
Height : 2006 / 2346mm
Weight : 900Kgs / Set
Packing Size : 2940 x 1070 x 910mm
Wall Panel Profile :263mm(w) x 20mm Thk.





Quick House is ready to deliver a prefabricated assembly to registered distributors by any countries. Please contact us for any enquiry.